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Wooden veggies and deli pack
Wooden veggies and deli pack

Wooden veggies and deli pack

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This 13 piece set includes:

1 pumpkin

2 carrots

2 mushrooms

1 potato

1 zucchini

1 eggplant

1 turnip

1 string of sausages

1 baguette

1 chicken drumstick

1 steak 

Each piece is lovingly cut from 30 mm thick pine, sanded smooth and painted using natural food dyes and sealed with linseed oil. Some pieces have extra detailing engraved. 

All of our products are coloured with our special non-toxic, water resistant stains. 


As each product is made to order, please check our Home Page for current estimated waiting times before ordering.  

Domestic and International shipping is available via courier if required or pick up is most welcome in the Gold Coast.