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Sunset of Hope

Sunset of Hope

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Some of you may remember why I started making toys in the first place. We lost our beautiful little girl to stillbirth six years ago. I found that getting busy making things really helped me get through the grief.

Lately my grief has ramped up so much that I can barely breathe. I found myself thinking and imagining new toys once again and it helped me through. Today, after work, I brought one of my latest musings to life. And I’ll tell you what, this was just what my broken heart needed!

The first thing I learnt how to draw as a child was a sunset, I was obsessed. And we all know my obsession with rainbows. Combining these two just had to happen!

I call this the ‘Sunset of Hope’ as a reminder that even when the sun is setting on a day, there is always hope for a new tomorrow ❤️

The same size as our large stacking rainbow!! The beauty of these pieces is they are all multi functional and open ended. For example, the bottom piece can be grass or water, the hills can stand upright as trees, the rainbow arches can double as bridges and caves, and the sun can be used as a rolling ball that can travel along different runs made with the other pieces.

There are so many possibilities!!


The Sunset of Hope is made out of beautiful pine timber designed to let the natural wood grain show through. All of our products are coloured with our special non-toxic, water-resistant stains. 

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