Meet the Team


Joelle Skinner (Jedi Mum, Business Founder and Owner, Head of Art and Creative Design)

Ben Skinner (CEO and Jedi Dad!)

Cameron Bartlett (Toy Builder- Carpenter and Jedi Master!)

Paul Brodie (Toy Maker- Joiner and Jedi Master!)

Alex Rawle (Toy Maker- Small Toy specialist and Jedi Master!) 

Victor Razzera (Toy Finisher and Assistant Warehouse Manager- Jedi Master!) 

Serge Levkovskiy (Junior General Assistant- Jedi Apprentice!)

Dakota Laing (Junior General Assistant and Painter and Jedi Apprentice!)

The Jedi Kids

Israelle Skinner (Admin Assistant and Padawan)

Eden Skinner (Admin Assistant and Padawan)

Jyrah Skinner (General Assistant and Padawan)

Amali Skinner (Toy Tester and Padawan)

Kylan Skinner (Chief Toy Tester, Model and Padawan)

Doing Family Business right....