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Meet the Team


The Jedi Masters

    Joelle Skinner (Jedi Mum, Business Founder and       Owner, Head of Product Design and Social Media)

   Ben Skinner
(CEO and Jedi Dad!)



Woodworking Team 

Cameron Bartlett (Workshop Manager- Carpenter)

Flavia Wellausen (Assistant Workshop Manager- Joiner)

Alex Rawle (Toy Maker- Small Toy Specialist/Model Maker) 

Brett Taylor (Toy Maker- Cabinetmaker and Jedi Master) 

Emily Chalupa Beisser- (Toy Maker- Carpenter's Assistant) 

Serge Levkovskiy (Carpenter's Assistant)

Nathan Nunes (Junior Carpenter's Assistant)  

Joshua Paolo (Junior Carpenter's Assistant) 

Levi Boyce (Junior Carpenter's Assistant) 

Artist, Painting and Finishing Team 

Dasha Zaitseva (Digital and Visual Arts Manager)

Caitlyn Carlson (Junior Artist and Finisher) 

Dakota Laing (Junior General Assistant)

Amy Hunter (Junior Artist) 

Warehouse Team 

Victor Razzera (Toy Maker and Warehouse Manager)

Michael Hoekman (Assistant Warehouse and Accounts Manager)

Israelle Skinner (Admin/Warehouse Assistant and Padawan)

Eden Skinner (Admin/Warehouse Assistant and Padawan)

Customer Service and Admin/HR Team

Cassie Nugent (Customer Service/Admin/HR Assistant) 

Anita Foley (Customer Service/Admin/HR Assistant) 

The Jedi Kid Models and Toy Testers!!!

Amali Skinner (Toy Tester, Model and Padawan)

Kylan Skinner (Chief Toy Tester, Model and Padawan)

Doing Family Business right....